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Where's Dan Stand?

Economic & Fiscal Policy

Debt, not money, is the root of all evil. If properly utilized, money is a way for society to trade and be free. Once we are in debt to someone, we are no longer free. At the rate we’re spending, our country will never be out of debt. That needs to change. I am tired of government’s fiscal irresponsibility. The only part of this country that is fiscally responsible are the people that live here because unlike the government, they can’t print money. There needs to be a voice telling the truth of how dire the situation is. We need to balance our budget like most Americans do every month.

The Right to Life

Abortion should be outlawed. A baby is a miracle and a gift from God, regardless the circumstances leading up to conception. History is full of people who have made a difference. Imagine a world without those persons because someone decided not to allow him/her to be born and become their own person. The right to life should always be extended to the unborn child.


I believe the more government intervention, the worse something becomes. When we allow the government to dictate what, how, where, when our kids are being taught, we lose. We lose the kids that are coming up to make this country even better. We lose them because a “government is the savior” of us mentality is inevitably taught. Again, history tells us that when the government dictates the learning, it promotes itself within that learning. This is NOT what made the country what it has been. WE THE PEOPLE did, with guidance from God, not the government or the department of indoctrination (education.) This should be left to WE THE PEOPLE to decide as a whole what our communities are learning and doing.

Money and big business has infiltrated education and, again, the elitist agenda continues. A high school education is important, but school choice, homeschooling, etc. should all be options for a parent. As far as increase funding, I would like to sit down and look at the budget and see where the wasteful spending is and then put that money where it is needed.

The Second Amendment & Gun Rights

The Second Amendment was written so that a tyrannical government could not and would not have ultimate control over its people. The right to defend yourself from enemies both foreign and domestic is a God-given right. This has morphed into so many narratives it is sickening. Every tyrannical regime throughout history has first disarmed their citizens, then the evil truly is shown. Again, it is a God-given right to be able to defend yourself. You should be able to purchase whatever you choose. If, you decide to break the law, that is when there should be accountability and actions against that individual…NOT every law abiding citizen. Criminals are criminals because they don’t care about the law. Making more laws doesn’t stop crime. I believe that if every person was armed and trained, crime would have no place. The wolf doesn’t get any sheep if the sheep are trained like the sheep dog.

Foreign Policy & Defense

We are still a city on the hill. If we don’t protect those who can’t protect themselves from evil, then we are allowing it and that is just as bad. We, as a country, have been mostly good. We have fought wars to protect and show those people freedom. Have we made mistakes, yes? Have we learned from them, mostly, but not always. Righteousness is the only reason and justification.

I believe in intervening in issues around the world when our freedom litmus test is used. When you have a class of people being tyrannically eradicated, the righteous thing to do would be to step in. If a terrorist group is terrorizing its own people as well the rest of the world, you are infringing upon the freedom of certain people and the RIGHT thing to do would be to protect those people and eradicate that threat if needed. The world’s enemies feel the same about our country. If we are weak and don’t stand for righteousness, then they will have free rein to further their tyrannical power.